Grow Digitally

Junior Developer May 2016-Present

Skills: PHP, Python, Wordpress, SEO

Grow Digitally is a web shop based in Kansas City MO, with 5 people on the team including me. The small team environment has allowed me to have much more freedom in the projects that I work on.

My projects ranged from python scripts to add door open/closes to Google Analytics, a Custom Amazon Alexa Skill built in Flask, a Python framework, and projects for large clients such as the e-commerce page for Morris Animal Foundation.


Personal Project

Skills: Swift

An iOS application I built in my free time that reached over 3,000 downloads before being removed from the App Store. Please check out the GitHub repo for details!


Personal Project with 3 other students.

Skills: Django, Python

A Craigslist bot to make it easier for sellers to sell on CraigsList. Protects your number from bots, scammers, and unnecessary messages. Built-in Django and Bootstrap. Mainly responsible for the back end..

More details coming soon...