Grow Digitally

Junior Developer May 2016-December 2017

Skills: PHP, Python, Wordpress, SEO

Grow Digitally is a web shop based in Kansas City MO, with 5 people on the team including me. The small team environment has allowed me to have much more freedom in the projects that I work on.

My projects ranged from python scripts to add door open/closes to Google Analytics, a Custom Amazon Alexa Skill built in Flask, a Python framework, and projects for large clients such as the e-commerce page for Morris Animal Foundation.


Personal Project

Skills: Swift

An iOS application I built in my free time that reached over 3,000 downloads before being removed from the App Store. Please check out the GitHub repo for details!


Startup to help e-commerce sellers.

Skills: Django, Python

A chatbot and web app to make it easier for sellers to sell online. Protects your number from bots, scammers, and unnecessary messages. Built in Django and Bootstrap. Mainly responsible for the back end.

Currently in closed beta.